Hosted by AHSA (Qld) Inc.

Date Presentation Presenter
28 Jun 2024 The Northern Territory Aerial Medical Service Warwick Henry
31 May 2024 Aviation Accident Investigation & Risk Management Ian McDonell
26 Apr 24 22nd Bomb Group fights back from Townsville Peter Dunn OAM
22 Mar 24 Why were 7 men so keen to fly to Sydney that fateful Friday afternoon (not recorded) Philip Castle
23 Feb 2024 "Aussie Dambusters" Darryl Holden
19 Jan 2024 "Barra Sonobuoy" Denis Baker
24 Nov 2023 "Nicky Barr - An Australian Ace" Peter Dornan
27 Oct 2023 No. 3 Squadron 1940 - 41; The RAAF's Pioneer Fighter Squadron Anthony Cooper
29 Sep 2023 History & Development of Australian Air Data Tony Arbon
25 Aug 2023 Archerfield @ War - Archerfield Airfield during WWII Peter Dunn
28 Jul 2023 In the Air and On the Air Peter Doherty
30 Jun 2023 Victor Bomber falls 30,000 feet Darryl Purdom
30 Jun 2023 WWII Crash site "refound" in the middle of Brisbane Peter Dunn
26 May 2023 Aircraft flown by AVM Don Bennett - Jul 1930 to Sep 1939 Ian Campbell
28 Apr 2022 A Short History of Air Navigation Jon Minns
31 Mar 2023 Accident Record Analysis for the Piper Cherokee 6 Series - 1960s to Present Ian McDonell
24 Feb 2023 Air Combat in the Falklands David Smith
21 Feb 2023 AHSA (Qld) Inc. Member's Chat Night Peter Dunn OAM, Ian Campbell, Mary Van Hummel, Bob Livingstone, Warwick Henry
27 Jan 2023 Tasmanian Tigers Dion Makowski
25 Nov 2022 The Brisbane Zero: From Buna to Townsville via Eagle Farm and Laverton Alan Graham
28 Oct 2022 Two Restless Spirits: Harry Hawker and Bert Hinkler Darryl Dymock
30 Sep 2022 Flying DC-3s in Papua New Guinea Ray Vuillermin
26 Aug 2022 CAC Wackett and Yeoman Cropmaster Mark Pilkington
29 Jul 2022 Thinks He's a Bird Ian Campbell
24 Jun 2022 Jindalee Over the Horizon Radar
(Unlisted video)
Darryl Purdom
27 May 2022 Saving CAC / Hawker de Havilland Historical Records Denis Baker
29 Apr 2022 The Empire has an Answer Tony Brady
25 Mar 2022 The Flying Padre Robert Heathwood
25 Feb 2022 Japanese Aviators who Stayed Dr Tom Lewis OAM
23 Feb 2022 Members Chat Night (Six presentations) Peter Dunn OAM, Darryl Purdom, Jeff Nielsen, Laurie Webb, Warwick Henry, Roger Marks
28 Jan 2022 Townsville Air Depot Peter Dunn OAM
26 Nov 2021 The Wirraway - An Aussie Icon Ross Parker
29 Oct 2021 Gliding in Australia Garrett Russell
24 Sep 2021 Operating and Flying Warbirds Kim Rolph-Smith
27 Aug 2021 Update on Air Force History & Heritage
(Unlisted video)
AIRCDRE John Meier
30 Jul 2021 The Flying Life of Oscar Garden Mary Garden
25 Jun 2021 The Accidental Stewardess
(Unlisted video at author's request)
Libbie Escolme-Schmidt OAM
28 May 2021 Site Visit to Fighter Pilot Adventure Flights hangar Brad Bishopp & Jeremy Miller
30 Apr 20201 No Survivors .... Salvage Impossible Mark Clayton
26 Mar 2021 Flying a B747 from Bangkok to London Noel Dennett
26 Feb 2021 The Korean Kid: the Biography of Jim Kichenside RAAF Rochelle Nicholls
24 Feb 2021 Member's Chat Night - held after the AGM AHSA Members
29 Jan 2021 The Last Navigator Paul Goodwin with Gordon Goodwin
27 Nov 2020 "Anzac and Aviator" - Sir Ross Smith and the 1919 England to Australia air race Michael Molkentin
12 Nov 2020 Groote Eylandt: The Forgotten Flying Boat Base
(Still awaiting on a clearance to post this recording)
Phil Vabre
30 Oct 2020 Sidney Cotton - Part 2; "Father of High Speed, High Altitude Photo Reconnaissance” Darryl Purdom
14 Oct 2020 Proven Beyond Doubt; The P-47 Thunderbolt in the SWPA Terry Popravak
25 Sep 2020 Searching for SAR (San Antonio Rose) David Lindley
28 Aug 2020 Phillip Zupp - A Life in the Sky Owen Zupp
31 Jul 2020 My Career in Maintaining Historic & Warbird Aircraft David Kingshott
22 Jul 2020 Locating a Wrecked B-25H Mitchell Bas Krueger
26 Jun 2020 Pacific Wrecks Justin Taylan
29 May 2020 Solving ’Circe’ - The 72 Year Mystery of a Lost Flying Boat Phil Vabre
19 May 2020 Aviation Archaeology - Buffalo & EATS Airfields Daniel Leahy
24 Apr 2020 History of Eagle Farm Airfield area Peter Dunn OAM
17 Apr 2020 Tips & Tricks for Online Researching Peter Dunn OAM
27 Mar 2020 Air Defence Systems 1942 Peter Dunn OAM

Audio Recordings of earlier AHSA (Qld) Inc. presentations


Hosted by AHSA (NSW) Inc.

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5 Jun 2024 AVM Stanley Goble and Reports on recent around Australia celebration flights Tom Lockley
7 Apr 2024 First Around Australia Flight - Goble and McIntyre April - May 1924 Tom Lockley
3 Aug 2022 The Fairey III in Australia Tom Lockley
3 Nov 2021 Sydney Airport - Past, present and future Ted Plummer
6 Oct 2021 Vintage Gliders Australia - Australian Gliding Museum Dave & Jenne Goldsmith
Sep 2021 September meeting cancelled -
Aug 2021 August meeting cancelled -
Jul 2021 July meeting cancelled -
2 Jun 2021 Rare Aviation Books Marshall Silver
3 Feb 2021 Aircraft of the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MAAS) Tom Lockley
4 Nov 2020 Another D.H.86 Down: The Lepena Accident on Hunter Island Phil Vabre
7 Nov 2020 From Clerk to Cockpit – Women in the RAAF from 1940 to today Air Commodore Mark Lax
2 Sep 2020 Swamp Ghost and Friends Peter Dunn OAM
5 Aug 2020 Uiver: From Construction to Destruction Noel Jackling OAM
1 July 2020 2020 Darwin to Adelaide celebration flight in Vickers Vimy Tom Lockley
3 Jun 2020 Luigi Pellarini and his aircraft Tom Lockley


Hosted by AHSA Inc. - (VIC)

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26 Oct 2022 Faith and Fidelity - the RAAF's early embrace of flight simulation Dr. Peter Hobbins
28 Sep 2022 Historic Unrecovered War Casualties - Air Force GPCAPT Grant Kelly
24 Aug 2022 An account of the incident with QF32 on 4 Nov 2010 Richard de Crespigny
27 Jul 2022 Forward Air Control Operations in Vietnam - A personal Experience (Members-only content) GPCAPT Macaulay Cottrell
25 May 2022 100 Squadron RAAF - the Air Force Heritage Squadron (Members-only content) WGCDR Philip Beanland
27 Apr 2022 Norman Brearley and West Australian Airways Leigh Edmonds
23 Mar 2022 Australia's Air Force Museum (Members-only content) WGCDR Mathew Shelley
23 Feb 2022 Retracing the 1919 UK to Oz Air Race 100 years later (Members-only content) Michael Smith
24 Nov 2021 RAAF Strike Aircraft 1953 to 2010 WGCDR Lance Halvorson MBE (Ret'd)
27 Oct 2021 Annual General Meeting - no Guest Speaker or Zoom meeting -
22 Sep 2021 Tocumwal Aviation Museum Matt Henderson
25 Aug 2021 How an Australian Ruse won a WWII Battle Michael Veitch
28 Jul 2021 An Overview of First Nation People and their Service in the ADF SQNLDR Gary Oakley OAM
23 Jun 2021 Our Smithy: King of the Air Ann Blainey
26 May 2021 Perlan Project - How to Beat the U2 without an Engine Morgan Sandercock
28 Apr 2021 From Dead Reckoning to GPS and Beyond Roger McKay
17 Feb 2021 Rich Aviation History of Nhill Rob Lynch and John Deckert
18 Nov 2020 Airforce Centenary History Project Martin James
21 Oct 2020 The Great Airline Bazaar Tony Wheeler
16 Sep 2020 The Wirraway Decision - The Newspaper Wars Derek Buckmaster
19 Aug 2020 The Empire Air Mail Scheme in Operation, 1938-39 Phil Vabre
15 July 2020 Evolution of Jet Fighter Aircraft in the RAAF Roger McKay
11 Jun 2020 Flying High in Patagonia Ellen Stoddart


Hosted by Friends of Air Force History and Heritage

3 Dec 2021 Animals in War Dr. Kerry Neale
5 Nov 2021 Cold War Warriors AIRCDRE Ian Pearson
1 Oct 2021 The Malayan Emergency & Indonesian Confrontation 1950 to 1966 AIRCDE Mark Lax, OAM, CSC
3 Sep 2021 The F-4E Phantom in RAAF Service WGCDR Lance Halvorson MBE (Retd)
6 Aug 2021 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service in the ADF SQNLDR Gary Oakley, OAM
2 Jul 2021 Transport Support Flight GPCPT Doug Hurst MBE (Retd)
4 Jun 2021 2 Squadron RAAF in Vietnam Lance Halvorsen
5 Mar 2021 Frustrated on the Fringes - No. 451 Squadron Adam Lunney
5 Feb 2021 Is that a Zero over Brisbane? Peter Dunn OAM
4 Dec 2020 Winning the "Battle of the wits" in the barbed-wire battleground: Australian airmen of Stalag Luft III Kristen Alexander
3 Dec 2020 Book Launch "Armageddon and OKRA - Part 1"

Book Launch "Armageddon and OKRA - Part 2"

WGDCR Lewis Frederickson
6 Nov 2020 Digitising the RNZAF Museum's Image Collection RNZAF Museum
2 Oct 2020 The CAC Wirraway Story Derek Buckmaster
4 Sep  2020 Tips, tricks and experiences in doing effective interviews Ms Louise Williams & Sqn Ldr Michael Veitch
7 Aug 2020 RAAF Historian discussing current research of Air Force's history for book to be published in 2021 Martin James
3 Jul 2020 DCA Clandestine operations in Portugese Timor 1941-42 Phil Vabre
5 June 2020 453 Squadron over Normandy 1944 Adam Lunney
1 May 2020 Air Defence Systems in the Townsville area in 1942 Peter Dunn OAM


Hosted by Australia @ War

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15 Jan 2021 Is that a Zero over Brisbane? Peter Dunn OAM
11 Nov 2020 Moreton Bay @ War - Military Locations in Moreton Bay during WWII Peter Dunn OAM
15 Apr 2020 Use of Military Radio Sites in Brisbane during WWII Peter Dunn OAM
Mar 2020 Brisbane @ War - Trial presentation Peter Dunn OAM


Webinars by the Military Aviation Museum (USA)



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