"Not only do you not exist, you never will have existed. You will remain for always unknown and unacknowledged. There will be no awards, no glory. There will be no medals for this unit."

As told to a batch of recruits for the Australian Special Wireless Group, AIF.


"Sigint" is a code name for signal intelligence. Sigint operations were so secret that they were given their own special classification of "Ultra Secret". The word "Ultra" was used as a code name for intelligence derived from interception and decoding of Japanese military and naval messages.


Command Structure for Allied Intelligence Organisations
in SWPA, May 1943



1 Australian Discrimination Unit

24 Australian Signals
(at Indooroopilly)

41 Heavy Wireless Station
Hay, NSW
51 Wireless Section
Australian Special Wireless Group
52 Wireless Section
Australian Special Wireless Group
126 Signal Radio Intelligence Company
978th Signal Services Company
Filipino signal unit dropped behind Japanese lines by submarine
5217th Reconnaissance Battalion (Prov.)
The "Mission Men" dropped behind Japanese lines by submarine
5218th Reconnaissance Company (Prov.)
This unit trained the 978th Signal Services Company in jungle combat
Air Force Directorate of Intelligence Air Industry Section AIRIND Allied Geographic Section (AGS)
Allied Intelligence Bureau Allied Translation & Interpretation Section (ATIS) Area Combined Headquarters Townsville
Army Command and Administrative Network (ACAN) Australian Air Investigation Intelligence
Their role was to capture Australians spying for Japan and Germany
Australian Guerrillas 1942
Australian Army Cipher Production Unit Australian Special Wireless Group Brisbane WTO
Brisbane Wireless Station, US Army
Central Bureau Central War Room Coastal Radio Service
under RAN control
Coast Watchers Combined Defence Headquarters Townsville Combined Operational Intelligence Centre (COIC)
Commonwealth Security Service Counter-Intelligence Corps, G-2 Section, HQ USAAFE
319th Military Intelligence Company, 441st Counter-Intelligence Corps Detachment
Directorate of Naval Communications
Far Eastern Liaison Office (FELO)
Section D of AIB
Military Propaganda Section
Fraser Commando School
Training school for "Z" Special Unit Commandos
FRUMEL - Fleet Radio Unit Melbourne
Fleet Radio Unit Radio Station Adelaide River Fleet Radio Unit Radio Station Townsville Fleet Radio Unit Radio Station Cooktown
HMAS Coonawarra
W/T and D/F Station Coonawarra


Intelligence Section, Home Forces 

 Inter Allied Services Department (IASD or ISD)
cover name for SOA
Intercept Station - HMAS Harman (Canberra) Intercept Station - HMAS Ringwood (Melbourne?) HF/DF Station Garbutt
Woolcock Street
"M" Special Operations Melbourne W/T Shadow Signal Station
(Wireless Telegraphy), "Frognall", 54 Mont Albert Road, Canterbury, VIC
MI6 Influence in Australia
No. 1 Special Wireless Group
Canadian Military Unit
No. 4  Ship Signal Section, Royal Signals, British Army No. 4 Australian Special Wireless Section
No. 1 Wireless Unit No. 11 Australian Cypher Section Netherlands East Indies Regional Section
Netherlands Forces Intelligence Section, Division III (NFIS III) Observations Centres for Radio Security Organisation:-
- Brisbane      
- Sydney        
- Melbourne    
- Adelaide        
- Perth           
Office of War Information

Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

Philippine Regional Section Radio Security Organisation
Radio Site near Archerfield Airfield Radio Station Townsville WVJL
part of ACAN
Radio Station Darwin WVJK
part of ACAN
Radio Station Melbourne WTJJ
part of ACAN
Radio Station Sydney WVJM
part of ACAN
Royal Netherlands Navy Wireless Telegraphy Station, Batchelor, NT
Royal Netherlands Navy Wireless Telegraphy Station, Craigieburn, VIC Secret Intelligence Australia
Section 22
Section RO4, Directorate of Signals Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD)
cover name for SOA
SLU9 - Special Liaison Unit 9 RAF
Detachment of Bletchley Park attached to Central Bureau
Special Intelligence Bureau
Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Special Intelligence Section
Victoria Barracks, Melbourne
Special Operations Australia (SOA)
Special Operations Executive (SOE)
British Secret Organisation
The Warehouse section of Philippine Regional Section
Townsville Radio Station
part of Coastal Radio Service operated by RAN
US Army Signal Corps - Capalaba Radio Communications site
(near Brisbane, QLD)
US Army Signal Corps - Redland Bay Golf Course Radio Communications site
(near Brisbane, QLD)
US Army Signal Corps - Rocklea Transmitting and Receiving Station
US Navy Intercept and HFDF Station, Darwin US Navy Intercept and HFDF Station, Townsville
Was this located on top
of Mount Stuart?)
US Navy Intercept and HFDF Station, Cooktown
US Navy Intercept and HFDF Station, Exmouth Gulf Wireless Intercept Station, Royal Netherlands Navy, Batchelor, NT Women's Emergency Signalling Corps (WESC)
XE-craft midget submarine trials of the 14th Submarine Flotilla
at Mon Repos, near
Bundaberg, QLD
"Z" Special Unit  



AWA Receivers

AWA Wireless Set 133 (WS133)

Used by Japanese Naval Attaches
Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC)
Portable Telegraph Signalling Device (not a phone)
HROs Hollerith machines at Victoria Barracks
IBM "Computers" at Ascot in Brisbane in 1942!!!
How the first IBM's in Australia helped crack the Japanese Codes
Used by Japanese Imperial Navy
Kingsley AR7 Intercept Radios
Used by Japanese diplomats
or ECM Mark II
A high security voice communications system
A secure teletype conferencing system
used by Coast Watchers
Typex Cipher machines
US Army Signal Corps BC-224 HF Receiver US Army Signal Corps Field Telephone C-434/GRC Wireless Set No. FS6
(AWA Field Set 6)
"X" machines

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Japanese Intelligence Units and other Secret Units
in Australia during WW2



Spies for Nimitz - Joint Military Intelligence in the Pacific War
by Jeffrey M. Moore



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