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The CSIR Radiophysics Laboratory at Sydney University produced a Search Light Control (SLC) apparatus (Radar) in early December 1941.

The SLC apparatus had five aerials mounted peripherally around the barrel of the Projector. One aerial was used for transmitting and the other four aerials were used to receive signals. The three operators sat o small seats at the rear of the Projector and viewed a small instrument panel which was covered by a small canvas cover.

A special crew was established to test and demonstrate the SLC apparatus comprising an NCO and four Sappers. Lt. C.W. Graham and Professor Myers of RPL accompanied the crew. The first tests were carried out at Rose Bay Golf Links. They then toured many Sydney and Kembla locations. The crew earned the nickname "The Gypsies". They returned to the Rose Bay Golf Links for a final series of tests around Christmas 1941. This new equipment was still very top secret and was well guarded wherever it was located. 

The first SLC apparatus became operational at Moore Park Searchlight battery in January 1942.



"Expose - A History of Searchlights in WWII"
by Noel F. Hill


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