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Fort Lytton located on the southern bank, near the mouth of the Brisbane River, was built in the the 1800's as a defence against the perceived Russian threat. It was mostly completed by 1881.

It was used during World War 2 as Brisbane's second line of defence behind the forts on Moreton Island (Fort Cowan and Fort Rous) and Bribie Island. The old "disappearing guns" at Fort Lytton were replaced by a six pounder twin quick-firing gun and a 4.7 QF gun.

Late in 1943 Ray Roberts of the 112th Transport Company helped to deliver a whole battery of American brand new 155mm "Long Tom" six (6) inch guns from the railway at Clapham Junction to Fort Lytton. Ray said that these guns could "lob a shell on a soup plate at twenty-eight (28) miles."

RAAF No. 23 Radar Station was established at Fort Lytton during WW2. Their barracks were located in the nearby Margaret Marr Memorial Home for Boys.

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Fort Lytton is now a declared National Park and is cared for by the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. A willing band of volunteers, run guided tours at Fort Lytton. Many of these volunteers are ex-servicemen who served at Fort Lytton during WW2.

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Photo supplied by Jim Meehan

The only known photo (1951) of the twin 6PDe director intact
and the WW2 Searchlight and 25KVA underneath


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Photo supplied by Jim Meehan

Engineers manning a searchlight at Fort Lytton in the 1930's
Using the old tramway between the wharf and the gantry building


Japanese Submarine plotted off Moreton Island
by RAAF Radar Station No. 23 at Fort Lytton
on 13 May 1943, the day before the "Centaur" was sunk


Japanese mother Submarines plotted off Brisbane
by RAAF Station No. 23 at Fort Lytton
before the midget submarine attack
on Sydney Harbour on 31 May 1942


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Was American Submarine USS Triton
accidentally sunk in Moreton Bay by friendly fire?


Fort Lytton Historical Association
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"Fortress Brisbane"
By D.W. Spethman and R.G. Miller


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