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WWII Military Abbreviations" E-Book
This E-Book is now more up to date than the
table below which is no longer updated.


A Acting or Assistant or Army
AA or A/A Anti-aircraft
AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General
AADC Anti-aircraft Defence Command
AACC Australian Army Catering Corps
AACS Australian Army Canteen Service
AACS Army Airways Communications System
AACU Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
AAF Army Air Forces
AAG Assistant Adjutant-General
AAL Australian Air League
AALU Australian Air Liaison Unit
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AAMWS Australian Army Medical Women's Service
AANS Australian Army Nursing Service
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AASL Anti-aircraft Searchlight
AAU Air Ambulance Unit
AB Able Bodied (seaman)
ABD Advanced Base Depot
ABDA American-British-Dutch-Australian
ABDACOM American British Dutch and Australian Command
ABO Air Board Order
A/C Aircraft
AC Aircraftman
ACAUST Air Commander Australia
ACF Australian Comforts Fund
ACH Area Combined Headquarters
ACH Australian Camp Hospital
ACNB Australian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACNS Assistant Chief of Naval Staff
ACofS Assistant Chief of Staff
ACS Airfield Construction Squadron
ACSEA Air Command, South-East Asia
Act Acting
ACW Aircraftwoman
AD Aircraft Depot
ADC Aide-de-Camp
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADGMS Assistant Director-General Medical Services
ADHQ Air Defence Headquarters
Adm Admiral
Admin Administration
Adml Admiral
ADMI Assistant Director of Military Intelligence
ADMS Assistant Director Medical Services
ADOS Assistant Director Ordnance Services
ADS Advanced Dressing Station
ADST Assistant Director of Supply and Transport
ADS&T Assistant Director of Stores and Transport
Adv Advanced
Adv LHQ Advanced Land Headquarters
Advon Advanced Echelon
AEME Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
AEW&C Airborne Early Warning and Control
AFC Australian Flying Corps or Air Force Cross
AFA  Air Force Association
AFCA Australian Flying Corps Association
AFHQ Air Force Headquarters
AFO Admiralty Fleet Order
AFO Air Force Orders
AFO Air Fitter, Ordnance
AFPAC Army Forces, Pacific
AFPO Armed Forces Post Office
AFTS Applied Flying Training School
AFTU Air Fighter Training Unit
AG Adjutant-General
AG Air Gunner
AGH Australian General Hospital
AGRS American Graves Registration Service (US Army)
AGS Allied Geographical Section
AHQ Air Headquarters or Army Headquarters
AIB Allied Intelligence Bureau
AIC Australian Instructional Corps or Australian Intelligence Corps
AIF Australian Imperial Force
Air Cmdre Air Commodore
AIS Aviation Instructional Staff
AKA Attack Cargo Ship
ALC Australian Landing Craft
ALO Air Liaison Officer
ALUSNA United States Naval Attache
AMC Armed Merchant Cruiser
AMCROSS American Red Cross
AMF Australian Military Forces
AMOE Air Member for Organisation and Equipment
AMP Air Member for Personnel
AMS Air Member for Supply or Australian Minesweepers
AMSE  Air Member for Supply and Equipment
AN&MEF Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
ANCW Australian National Council of Women
ANF Australian Naval Forces
ANGAU Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit
ANLO Australian Naval Liaison Officer
ANPB Army Navy Petroleum Board
ANS Air Navigation School
ANSIA Army Navy Shipping Information Agency
AO Area of Operations
AOB Advanced Operational Base
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOC-in-C Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
AOP Air Observation Post
AOS Air Observers' School
APA Attack Transport
APD Destroyer-transport or Transport, High-speed
APO Army Post Office
APU Aircraft Performance Unit
AQMG Assistant Quartermaster General
AR Army Regulations
ARA Australian Regular Army
ARC Aircrew Reception Centre
ARC American Red Cross
ARCS Australian Red Cross Society
ARD Aircraft Repair Depot or Aircraft Receiving Depot
ARDU Aircraft Research and Development Unit
Armd Armoured
ARO Admiralty Reporting Officer
ARP Air Raid Precautions
Arty Artillery
ASIR Australian Station Intelligence Report
ASIS Australian Secret Intelligence Service or Australian Station Intelligence Summary
ASIS Armament Stores Issuing Ship
ASO Assistant Section Officer
A/SR Air-Sea Rescue
ASR Air-Sea Rescue Flight
ASRF Air-Sea Rescue Flight
Asst Assistant
A/SW Anti-submarine Warfare
ASW Anti-submarine Warfare
ASWG Australian Special Wireless Group
ASWS Australian Special Wireless Section
A-Tk Anti-tank
ATC Air Training Corps
ATC Air Transport Command (US)
ATD Actual Time of Departure
ATF Australian Task Force
ATIS Allied Translator and Interpreter Section
AUS Army of the U.S.
AUSTCROSS Australian Red Cross
AVG American Volunteer Group
AVM Air Vice-Marshall
AWA Amalgamated Wireless of Australia
AWAS Australian Women's Army Service
AWC Advisory War Council
AWFC Australian Women's Flying Club
AWL Absent without Leave
AWLA Australian Women's Land Army
AWM Australian War Memorial
AWS Air Warning Service
BAGS Bombing and Air Gunnery School
BAMS Broadcasts to Allied Merchant Ships
Bataan Codeword for Lennons Hotel in Brisbane
BBCAU British Borneo Civil Affairs Unit
BCATP British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (EATS Canada)
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force
Bde Brigade
Bdr Bombadier
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BFTS Basic Flying Training School
BGGS Brigadier-General, General Staff
BGS Brigadier, General Staff
BHQ Battery Headquarters
BM Brigade Major
Bn Battalion
BOQ Batchelors' Officers Quarters
BOR Battery Operations Room
BOWO Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer
BPSO Base Personnel Staff Office
Brig Brigadier
BrigGen Brigadier General
BSIPDF British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence Force
BSU Base Service Unit
Bty Battery
BTU Base Torpedo Unit
BuDocks Bureau of Yards and Docks (US Navy)
BuPers Bureau of Naval Personnel (US Navy)
CA (AA) Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft)
CAA Civil Aeronautics Authority
CAC Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
CAF Citizen Air Force or Chief of Air Force
CAM Chief Air Marshall
Capt Captain
C & R Convoy & Routing
CARU Control and Reporting Unit
CAS Chief of Air Staff
CASAC Chief of the Air Staff Advisory Committee
CASC Commander, Army Service Corps
CATF China Air Task Force
Cav Cavalry
CB or CBB Central Bureau or Central Bureau Brisbane
CBC Careening Bay Camp
CCD Civil Censorship Detachment
CCF Chinese Communist Forces
CCRA Commander, Corps Royal Artillery
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff or Casualty Clearing Station
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
Cd Command
CDF Chief of the Defence Force
CDFS Chief of the Defence Force Staff
CDH Combined Defence Headquarters
CDL Civil Defence Legion (Tasmania)
Cdo Commando
CE Controller Of Equipment (RAAF) or Corps of Engineers
Cdr Commander
CE Chief Engineer
CENPAC Central Pacific
CEO Chief Equipment Officer
CFD Commander of Fixed Defences
CFI Chief Flying Instructor
CFS Central Flying School
CG Coast Guard
CGCF Commonwealth Government Clothing Factory
CGI Chief Ground Instructor or Chief Gunnery Instructor
CGM Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
CGS Chief of the General Staff
CHQ Company Headquarters
CI Chief Instructor
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIB Commonwealth Investigation Branch
CIB Combat Infantry Badge
CIC Counter Intelligence Corps or Combat Intelligence Centre
CID Criminal Investigation Division
CI Div Counter Intelligence Division
CIGS Chief of the Imperial General Staff
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
CINC Commander-in-Chief
CINCAFPAC Commander in Chief, Army Forces Pacific
CINCFE Commander in Chief, Far East
CINPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific
CINCPOA Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Area
CINCUS Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet
CIS Civil Intelligence Section
CIU Communications Intelligence Unit or Combat Intelligence Unit
CMF Citizen Military Forces
CNF Commonwealth Naval Forces
CNS Chief of the Naval Staff
CO Commanding Officer
COC Commander of Command
COIC Combined Operations Intelligence Centre
Col Colonel or Column
Col GS Colonel, General Staff
COMAIRSOLS Command Air Solomons
ComAirSoPac Commander Aircraft South Pacific
ComAmphForSoPac Commander, Amphibious Forces, South Australia
COMAST Commander Australian Theatre
Comd Commanded, Command or Commander
Comdt Commandant
Comfis Combined Field Intelligence Service (later NEA)
COMFLOT Commodore Flotillas
COMGENSOPAC Commanding General, South Pacific
COMINCH Commander in Chief (US)
Commn Communication
COMNAVFE Commander, Naval Forces Far East
ComSoPac Commander, South Pacific (USN)
CofS Chief of Staff
COOP Craft of Opportunity
COR Company Operations Room
C of S Chief of Staff
COSSAC Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander
COSC Chiefs of Staff Committee
COTCPAC Commander Operational Training Command, Pacific
Coy Company
Cpl Corporal
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant
CRA Commander, Royal Artillery (of a division)
CRE Commander, Royal Engineers (of a Division)
CS Chief of Staff
C/S Check Sheet
CSDIC Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre
CSG Combat Support Group
CSM Company Sergeant Major
CSO Chief Signal Officer
CSS Commonwealth Security Service
CTF Commander. Task Force
CU Communications Unit
CW Chemical Warfare
CRU Chemical Research Unit
CWA Country Women's Association
CWO Communications Watch Officer or Commissioned Warrant Officer
CWSF Commander Western Sea Frontier
CWR Central War Room
CWWW Council for Women in War Work
CZM The Commander in Chief of the Netherlands East Indies Naval Forces
DA Department of the Army
DA & QMG Deputy Adjutant and Quarter Master General
DAA & QMG Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General
DAAI Director of Allied Air Intelligence
DABLC Director Advanced Base Logistics Control
DABOP Director Advanced Base Office Pacific
DADMS Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director Ordinance Services
DAID Department of the Army Intelligence Division
DAOC Deputy Air Officer Commanding
DAOC-in-C Deputy Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
DAP Department of Aircraft Production
DAPM Deputy Assistant Provost Marshall
DAQMG Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General
DAT Directorate of Air Transport
DC Detachment Commander
DCAS Deputy Chief of the Air Staff
DCGS Deputy Chief of General Staff
DCNS Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
DCofC Deputy Chief of Staff
DDL Light Destroyer
DDME Deputy Director Mechanical Engineering
DDMI Deputy Director of Military Intelligence
DDMS Deputy Director Medical Services
DDMT Deputy Director Military Training
DDST Deputy Director Supply and Transport
DEMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships (or Shipping)
DF Direction Finding or Direction Finder
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFO District Finance Officer (Australian Army)
DGAMS Director-General Australian Medical Services
DGMS Director-General Medical Services
DGS Director-General of Security
DGSP Director-General of Supply and Production
DIO District Intelligence Officer
DirPacDocks Director, Pacific Division, Bureau of Yards and Docks
Div Division
DMI Director of Military Intelligence
DMO & I Director of Military Operations and Intelligence
DMS Director Medical Services
DMT Driver Motor Transport
DMT Director of Military Training
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
DNO District Naval Officer
DO Demi-official (letter)
D of O Director/Directorate of Organisation
DPTO District Property Transportation Officer
DR Director/Directorate of Recruiting
DR or D/R or Don-R Motorcycle Dispatch Rider
DR Navigation Deduced Reckoning navigation or colloquially Dead Reckoning
D. Sigs Director of Signals
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DSD Defence Signals Directorate
DSIO Deputy Supervising Intelligence Officer
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DT Director/Directorate of Training
DTS Director of Technical Services
D. WAAAF Director of WAAAF
DUKW An amphibious craft manufactured by Detroit United Keith Works
DWB Director of Works and Buildings
D/Z or DZ Dropping Zone
EATS Empire Air Training Scheme
EBSR Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment
Ech Echelon
ECHO Shipping Designator for freight to Base Section 7, Sydney, N.S.W.
ED Embarkation Depot
EFTS Elementary Flying Training School
EL Electric Light
Engrs Engineers
EO Equipment Officer or Engineer Officer
EPIP Tent European Privates Indian Pattern tent
Eqpt Equipment
ERA Engine Room Artificer
ERP Enemy Raid Precautions (Canberra)
ESB Engineer Special Brigade
ESS Economic and Scientific Section
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETF Estimated Time of Flight
ETO European Theatre of Operation
FA Field Artillery
FAA Fleet Air Arm
FAC Forward Air Controller
FANY Female Auxiliary Nursing Yeomanry - A British organisation
FAW Fleet Air Wing (US Navy) - previously know as Patrol Wing
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBRD Flying-boat Repair Depot
FCS Fraser (Island) Commando School (in Queensland)
Fd Field
Fd Amb Field Ambulance
FDL Forward Defended Locality
FEAF Far East Air Forces
FEB Far Eastern Bureau (MEW/SOE) (psychological warfare)
FEC Far East Command
FECB Far East Combined Bureau (cryptanalysis)
FELO Far Eastern Liaison Office
FFCF Fighting Forces Comforts Fund
FIS Foreign Intelligence Section (Canada)
F-Lt Flight Lieutenant
FM Finance Member or Field Marshall or Field Manual
FMO Fleet Maintenance Officer
F-O or F/O Flying Officer
FOCAS Flag Officer Commanding the Australian Squadron
FOD Follow-on Destroyer
FOD Forward Ordnance Depot
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FPO Fleet Post Office
FRUMEL Fleet Radio Unit Melbourne
FRUPac Fleet Radio Unit, Pacific
FS Fighter Sector or Field Security
F-Sgt Flight Sergeant
FSHQ Fighter Sector Headquarters
FTS Flying Training School
G-2 Intelligence Staff of a US Headquarters
G-3 Operations staff of a US Headquarters
GC&CS Government Code and Cypher School (cryptology, UK)
GCC Ground Control Centre
GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters (UK)
GD General Duties
GDD General Details Depot
GEAM Greater East Asia Ministry
Gen General
GHQ General Headquarters
Gnr Gunner
GOC General Officer Commanding
Gp Group
Gp Capt Group Captain
GR General Reconnaissance
GRS General Reconnaissance School
GS General Staff
GSC General Staff Corps
GSK General Stores Keeper
GSO General Staff Officer
GSO1 General Staff Officer, Grade 1
G Staff Operations Staff
G Time Golf Time which equals GMT plus 7 hours
H Western Australian Time, 8 hrs ahead of GMT
HBG Heavy Bombardment Group
HDML Harbour Defence Motor Launch
HE High Explosive
HECP Harbour Entrance Control Post
HEDRON Headquarters Squadron (US Navy)
HF DF or HF/DF High-frequency Direction-finding
HMA His Majesty's Australian
HMAS His Majesty's Australian Ship
HMCS His Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMIS His Majesty's Indian Ship
HMS His Majesty's Ship
HMNZS His Majesty's New Zealand Ship
HMT His Majesty's Transport
HO Hostilities only
HQ Headquarters
H Time Hotel Time which equals GMT plus 8 hours
IASD Inter-Allied Services Department
IATCB Interdepartmental Air Traffic Control Board
IBM International Business Machine
i/c In command
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
IG Inspector-General
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
ILO Intelligence Liaison Officer
IMAC First Marine Amphibious Corps
Indep Independent
IndMan Industrial Manager
Inf Infantry
Inf Bde Infantry Brigade
Instr Instructor
Int Intelligence
Intell Intelligence
IO Intelligence Officer
ISD Inter-Allied Services Department
ISTD Inter Service Topographical Department
ITS Initial Training School
Ix Intelligence, Branch x
JAA Hinoki Machine Cypher - also known as Purple
JAN Grid Joint Army Navy Grid
JANIS Joint Army-Navy Intelligence Study
JANWSA Joint Army, Navy, War Shipping Administration
JBC Foreign Office Cypher Book No. 1
JCP Japan Communist Party
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JIB Joint Intelligence Bureau
JICPOA Joint Intelligence Centre, Pacific Ocean Area
JOC Joint Operations Centre
JSPOG Joint Strategic Plans and Operations Group
K Time Kilo Time which equals Eastern Australian Standard Time which is equal to GMT plus 10 hrs
kts Knots
LARC Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vessel
LAA Light Anti-aircraft
LAC Leading Aircraftman
Landops Advanced Land Headquarters
LAC Leading Aircraftsman
LASU Local Air Supply Unit
LCDM Liaison Commission (Japanese) Demobilisation Ministries
LCH Landing Craft, Heavy
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCI (G) Landing Craft Infantry (Gunboat)
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanised
Landing Craft Motorised
L-Cpl Lance-Corporal
LCPR Landing Craft Personnel Ramp
LCS Landing Craft Support
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle
Landing Craft Vessel
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle, and Personnel
LDF Local Defense Forces
Ldg Leading
LEFT Shipping Designator for Freight to Base Section 3, Brisbane, Queensland
LHQ Land Headquarters or Allied Land Forces Headquarters
LMG Light Machine Gun
LMS Lugger Maintenance Section (Darwin)
LNS League of National Security
LO Liaison Office or Liaison Officer
L of C Lines of Communication
LOPU Logistics Organisation Planning Unit
LRPG Long-Range Penetration Group
LSD Landing Ship Dock
LSI Landing Ship, Infantry
LSM Landing Ship Medium
LSO Legal Staff Officer
LST Landing Ship, Tank
Lt Lieutenant or Light
Lt Cdr Lieutenant-Commander
Lt-Col Lieutenant-Colonel
Lt-Gen Lieutenant-General
LTD Leave and Transit Depot
LVT Landing Vehicle Tracked
LW/AW Light Weight Air Warning (Radar station developed by AWA)
MAC Motor Ambulance Convoy
Maj Major
Maj-Gen Major-General
MAZE Shipping Designator for Freight to Base Section 4, Melbourne, Victoria
MBDS Main Bench Dressing Station
MC Military Cross
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MD Military District
MDS Main Dressing Station
ME Middle East
MEIC Middle East Intelligence Centre
MERCO Merchant Ship Communications
MEW Ministry of Economic Warfare (SOE)
MFCU Mobile Fighter Control Unit
MG Machine-Gun
MGGS Major General, General Staff
MGO Master General of the Ordnance
MGRA Major-General, Royal Artillery
MHQ Maritime Headquarters
MI Military Intelligence
MI-5 Military Intelligence 5 (UK, Internal Security)
MI-6 Military Intelligence 6 (UK, External, see SIS)
MID Military Intelligence Division
Mil Military
MIS Military Intelligence Service
MIS Div Military Intelligence Service Division
MISLS Military Intelligence Service Language School
MIS-X Military Intelligence Service - 'X' Section (US)
ML Motor Launch
MMG Medium Machine-gun
MMRS Mount Martha Research Station (Victoria)
MO Medical Officer
MOI Ministry of Information
MP Military Police
MRA Maritime Royal Artillery
MRO Military Reporting Officer
MSC Motor Submersible Canoe or "Sleeping Beauty"
MSF Minesweeping Flotilla
M/T Measurement Tons
MTF Mobile Task Force
Mtn Mountain
MU Maintenance Unit
MUR Melbourne University Rifles
MV Motor Vessel
NAAFI Navy, Army, and Air Force Institutes
NAOU North Australia Observer Unit or Nackeroos
NAP Naval Auxiliary Patrol
NAS Naval Air Station
NATS Naval Air Transport Service
NBC Naval Base Camp
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
ND Naval District
NEA North-East Area
NEAHQ North East Area Headquarters
NEFIS Netherlands East Indies Forces Intelligence Forces
NI Netherlands Indies
NEI Netherlands East Indies
NEI-AF Netherlands East Indies Air Force
NEFIS III Netherlands Forces Intelligence Service, Division III
NIWOE Netherlands Indies Welfare Organisation of Evacuees
NES National Emergency Services (New South Wales)
NG New Guinea
NGAWW New Guinea Air Warning Wireless (Independent) Company
NGF New Guinea Force
NGIB New Guinea Infantry Battalion
NGVR New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
NICA Netherlands Indies Civil Affairs
NID Naval Intelligence Division (formerly Naval Intelligence Department)
NIO Naval Intelligence Officer
NLFED Naval Landing Force Equipment Depot
NLO Naval Liaison Officer
NOFT Naval Overseas Freight Terminal
NOIC Naval Officer in Charge
NorCalSec Northern California Sector, Western Sea Frontier
Norforce Northern Territory Force or NT Force
NorwestSec Northwestern Sector, Western Sea Frontier
NRS Natural Resources Section
NSA National Security Agency
NSD Naval Supply Depot
NT Northern Territory
NT Force Northern Territory Force or Norforce
NTSRU Northern Territory Special Reconnaissance Unit
NYDN Not yet diagnosed neurosis
NYMI Navy Yard Mare Island
NYPS Navy Yard Puget Sound
NZ & A New Zealand and Australian Division
NZNB New Zealand Naval Board
OATC Overseas Air Traffic Control
OB Operational Base
O/B Order of Battle
OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire
OBU Operational Base Unit
OC Officer Commanding
OC Med Officer in charge, medical
OC Surg Officer in charge, surgical
OD Ordinary Seaman
ODF Operational Deployment Force
Offr Officer
OG Operational Group
OHQ Overseas Headquarters
OIC Officer in Charge
OM/P Oriental Mission/Propaganda (SOE Malaya)
ONI Officer of Naval Intelligence (US)
OOB Order of Battle
OP Observation Post
Ops Operations
ORs Other Ranks (other than officers)
Orgn Organisation
OSMG Owen sub-machine-gun
OSS Office of Strategic Services
OTC Officer in Tactical Command
OTS Officer's Training School
OTU Operational Training Unit
OWI Office of War Information
PA Philippines Army
PAA Pan American Airways
PAAC Philippines Army Air Corps
PaCorNaLog Pacific Co-ordinator of Naval Logistics
PAF Permanent Air Force
Patfor Patrol Force
PATSU Patrol Service Units (US Navy)
PatWing Patrol Wing (US Navy)
PAW Petroleum Administration for War
PC Patrol Craft
PD Port Director
PDM Publications, Drafting and Maps (Section)
pdr Pounder
PDRC Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre
PHILRYCOM Philippines Ryukyus Command
PIB Papuan Infantry Battalion
PIR Pacific Islands Regiment
Pk Park
PMF Permanent Military Force
PMG Postmaster General
PNF Permanent Naval Forces
PNGDF Papua New Guinea Defence Force
PNNCF Pacific Northern Naval Coastal Frontier
Pnr Pioneer
P-O Pilot Officer
POR Personnel Occurrence Reports
POW Prisoners of War
PPPC Petroleum Pool, Pacific Coast
PRC Personnel Reception Centre
PRO Public Relations Officer
PRS Philippines Research Section
PRS Philippines Regional Section
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
p.s.c Passed Staff Course
PSD Public Safety Division
PSNCF Pacific Southern Naval Coastal Frontier
PSS Philippine Subsection
PT Patrol Torpedo (boat)
PTE Private
PUO Pyrexia of unknown origin
PW Prisoner of War
PWB Psychological Warfare Board
PWC Political Warfare Committee
PWCC Prisoner of War Control Center
QANTAS Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services
QM Quartermaster
QMG Quartermaster General
Q Staff Quartermaster Staff
RAA Royal Australian Artillery
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAFCF  RAAF Comforts Fund
RAAFLO Royal Australian Air Force London Office
RAAFNS Royal Australian Air Force Nursing Service
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RAF Royal Air Force
RAGA Royal Australian Garrison Artillery
RAAMC Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
RAANC Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps
RACAS Rear Admiral commanding the Australian Squadron
R & I Research and Information (Section)
RANC Royal Australian Naval College
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANC Royal Australian Naval College
RANF Royal Australian Navy Forces
RANNS Royal Australian Navy Nursing Service
RANR Royal Australian Navy Reserve
RANVR Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RAP Regimental aid post
RAPWI Recovered Allied Prisoners of War and Internees
RAR Royal Australian Regiment
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCN Royal Canadian Navy
RCT Regimental Combat Team
RCU Requisition Control Unit
RDF Radio Direction Finding or Radio Direction Finder
RE Royal Engineers
Recce Reconnaissance
Regt Regiment
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RIAF Royal Indian Air Force
RIN Royal Indian Navy
RMC Royal Military College, Duntroon
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
RN Royal Navy
RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
RNC Royal Naval College
RNR Royal Naval Reserve
RNVR Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
RNZNR Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve
RO Routine Order
ROO Rail Ordnance Officer
RSM Regimental Sergeant Major
RSU Repair and Salvage Unit
R/T or R-T Radio Telephony - voice transmissions
RTO Rail Transport Officer
SACSEA Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia (Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten)
SAO Senior Administrative Officer
SAP Semi armour-piercing
SAS Special Air Service
SASO Senior Air Staff Officer
SC Signal Corps or Submarine Chaser
SCAJAP Shipping Control Administration, Japan
SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
SCAPIN SCAP Directive to Japanese Government Index
SCO Searchlight Control Officer
SEA South-East Asia
SEAC South-East Asia Command
Sec Section or Secretary
SEATIC South East Asia Translation and Interrogation Center
SFIC San Francisco Information Centre - part of Army Air Warning Service
SFTS Service Flying Training School
Sgt Sergeant
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
Sh. D. Shore Defence
SHQ Station Headquarters or Section Headquarters
SI Special Intelligence (cryptanalysis)
SIA Secret Intelligence Australia
SIB Special Intelligence Bureau (Melbourne, Wireless Intelligence) or Secret Intelligence Bulletin
Sig Signalman
Sigint Signals Intelligence
Sigs Signals
SIONEA Supervising Intelligence Officer, North East Area
SIS Secret Intelligence Service or Signal Intelligence Service (US)
SISO Senior Intelligence Staff Officer
SITREP Situation Report
SLC Searchlight Control or Radar (also known as "Elsie") 
SLU Secret Liaison Unit or Special Liaison Unit (British Ultra)
SMO Senior Medical Officer
SMSO Senior Maintenance Staff Officer
SNLF Special Naval Landing Force (Japanese)
SNO Senior Naval Officer
SNO Senior Navigation Officer
SNOPG Senior Naval Officer Persian Gulf
SO Staff Officer or Special Operations
SOA Special Operations Australia
SoCalSec Southern California Sector, Western Sea Frontier
SOE Special Operations Executive
SO(I) Staff Officer (Intelligence)
SOPA Senior Officer Present Afloat
SOPAC South Pacific Area (Command)
SORE Staff Officer, Royal Engineers
SPC State Publicity Censor
Spr Sapper
SPSO Senior Personnel Staff Officer
SPTF Seaplane Training Flight
Sqn Squadron
SRD Services Reconnaissance Department
S-Sgt Staff-Sergeant
SSO Signals Security Officer or Special Security Officers (US Ultra)
SSOA Senior Staff Officer Administration
Stn Station
STT School of Technical Training
SubCom Subordinate Command, Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet
SupShips Supervisor of Shipbuilding
SWACH South West Area Combined Headquarters
SWPA South West Pacific Area
Tac-R Tactical Reconnaissance
TAF Tactical Air Force
TBS Talk between Ships (Radio)
TF Task Force
TG Task Group
T.H. Territory of Hawaii
T.I. Treasure Island - San Francisco Bay
TI&E Troop Information and Education
TIC Technical Intelligence Company
TID Technical Intelligence Detachment
TIS Translator and Interpreter Section
Tk Tank
TMU Torpedo Maintenance Unit
TNG Territory of New Guinea
T/O Table of Organisation
T/O & E Table of Organisation and Equipment
TOO Time of Origin
TOR Time of Receipt
Tpr Trooper
Tps Troops
TS Top Secret
TSMG Thompson Sub-machine-gun
TWX Teletype Circuit
U/e Unexploded
U/I Unidentified
UK United Kingdom
UKUSA United Kingdom, United States of America (Communication Intelligence) Agreement
UN United Nations
US United States
U/S Unserviceable
USAAC United States Army Air Corps
USAAF United States Army Air Force
USAF United States Air Force
USAFFE United States Army Forces, Far East
USAFIA United States Army Forces in Australia
USAFPAC United States Army Forces, Pacific
USATC United States Air Transport Command
USASOS United States Army Services of Supply
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USNDD U.S. Naval Drydocks
USNR United States Naval Reserve
USO United Services Organisation
USP Universal Service Personnel
USS United States Ship
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
VAC V Amphibious Corps (USMC)
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VAOC  Volunteer Air Observers Corps
VB Bombing Squadron (US Navy)
VC Victoria Cross
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
VHF Very High Frequency
V-J Day Victory over Japan, 2 September 1945, Surrender of Japan
VP Victory in the Pacific
VP Patrol Squadron (US Navy)
VP-AM Patrol, Amphibious (US Navy)
VP-HL Patrol, Heavy Landplane (US Navy)
VP-HM Patrol, Heavy Mining (US Navy)
VP-MS Patrol, Medium Seaplane (US Navy)
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (later known as Women's Army Corps)
WAC Women's Army Corps
WAAF Women's Auxiliary Air Force (UK)
WAAF Women's Army Air Force (USA)
WAAAF Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
W A/G or WAG Wireless Air Gunner
WAGS Wireless Air Gunners School
WANS Women's Australian National Service
WASP Women's Air Force Service Pilots (USA)
WATC Women's Air Training Corps
WC War Cabinet
W Cdr Wing Commander
WD War Diary or War Department
WDC Western Defense Command
WDID War Department Intelligence Division
WDIT War Department Intelligence Targets
WE War Establishment
WESC Women's Emergency Signal Corps
WET War Equipment Table
WMU Works Maintenance Unit
WNEL Women's National Emergency League (or Legion?)
W-O or WO Warrant Officer
WO1 Warrant-Officer, Class 1
WOD Warrant Officer Disciplinary
W/Op Wireless Operator
WRAAC Women's Royal Australian Army Corps
WRAAF Women's Royal Australian Air Force
WRANS Women's Royal Australian Naval Service
WREN A member of Women's Royal Naval Service
WSA War Shipping Administration
WSF Western Sea Frontier
W-T or W/T Wireless Telegraphy (coded messages by morse code) or Wireless Telegraph or Wireless Telegraphist
WTU Works Training Unit
WVNR Women's Voluntary National Register
"Y" Intelligence from Direction Finding and Wireless Telegraphy
YMS US Motor Minesweeper
Z Greenwich Mean Time (Universal Time)
Z-ES "Z" (Force) Experimental Station (Cairns)
Z of I Zone of Interior
Z Time Zulu Time which equal to Greenwich Mean Time


WWII Military Abbreviations" E-Book
This E-Book is now more up to date than the
table above which is no longer updated.



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