1 Radio Installation & Maintenance Unit RAAF 2/5th Battalion, 17th Brigade, 6th Australian Division 2/14th Australian Infantry Battalion
4th General Hospital, US Army
located in Royal Melbourne Hospital
17th Station Hospital, US Army 36 Squadron RAAF
at Essendon
49th Service Squadron 53 AASL Coy 126 Signal Radio Intelligence Company (126 S.R.I Co.)
164th Infantry Regiment
(part of Task Force 6814)
182nd Infantry Regiment
(part of Task Force 6814)
808th Engineer Aviation Battalion
Arrived on USS Coolidge
997th Signal Service Battalion Directorate of Air Transport Directorate of Naval Communications (RAN)
"Monterey" Apartments, Queens Rd.
Fleet Radio Unit, Melbourne (FRUMEL) RAN/USN HMAS Ringwood
Intercept Station (RAN)
MacArthur's Headquarters
Trustees Executive &
Agency Co. Ltd. Building
401-403 Collins St., Melbourne
Motor Transport Repair Section, No. 1 Aircraft Depot RAAF, Coode Island, Melbourne Munitions Supply Laboratory
Section RO4, Directorate of Signals
Victoria Barracks, Melbourne
Special Intelligence Bureau (RAN) Task Force 6814  


5th Air Force USAAF

Netherlands East Indies Air Force




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