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First Australian Army: (Lt. Gen. Lavarack) - Toowoomba, QLD

     4th Australian Division
            6th Brigade
            11th Brigade
            12th Brigade
            14th Brigade
     3rd Armoured Division
            2nd Armoured Brigade
            1st Motor Brigade

II Australian Corps: (Lt. Gen Morsehead) - Barrine, QLD

      6th Australian Division
            16th Brigade
            30th Brigade
      7th Australian Division
            18th Brigade
            21st Brigade
            25th Brigade
      9th Australian Division
            20th Brigade
            24th Brigade
            26th Brigade

 Second Army: (Lt. Gen Mackay) - Parramatta, NSW

      1st Australian Division
            1st Brigade
            9th Brigade
            28th Brigade
      3rd Army Tank Brigade

III Corps: (Lt. Gen Bennett) - Mount Lawley, WA

      2nd Australian Division
            2nd Brigade
            5th Brigade
            8th Brigade
      1st Armoured Division
            1st Armoured Brigade
            3rd Motor Brigade

Northern Territory Force:  (Maj. Gen A.S. Allen) - Darwin

      12th Australian Division
            13th Brigade
            19th Brigade
            23rd Brigade

New Guinea Force: (Lt. Gen Mackay, acting) - Port Moresby

     3rd Australian Division
            17th Brigade
      5th Australian Division
           4th Brigade
           29th Brigade
      11th Australian Division
           7th Brigade
           15th Brigade

L.H.Q. Reserve:

      3rd Brigade - Adelaide
      4th Armoured Brigade - Singleton, NSW


Composition of the Australian Army in Australia in September 1939


Composition of the Australian Army in Australia in September 1943


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